5 Reason Why Insulated Sandwich Panels are Popular in Construction

The use of insulated sandwich panels are increasing these days in construction industry whether it is a Government project or a private construction. PUF panel, EPS panel, Rockwool panel and Glasswool panel all are used according to the requirement of customer. The panels are available in a variety of thicknesses based on the application and requirements. Insulated sandwich panels are proving to be the material of choice for a variety of residential, commercial & industrial projects ranging from Prefab building, accommodation shelter, low cost housing, roofing, wall cladding, fruit & vegetable storage, cold storage, modular kitchen, warehouse, cold room, clean room and porta cabin. These insulated sandwich panels are used different purposes like rock wool panel for control room, compressor room, acoustic room, power project buildings etc. and PUF panel for food processing industry, seafood industry, meat & poultry industry, milk & dairy industry, floriculture industry etc.

Insulated Panel

Insulated sandwich panels are very popular in Indian construction industry because of frequent use of these panels. There are many reason behind the popularity of insulated panels in construction industry and they are as follows:

1. Strength: These sandwich panels are very strong in strength and manufactured according to the to strict quality standards. EPS panels are mostly used for outer walls, roofs, ceilings and floors. These panels have high load bearing capacity and can withstand in any weather conditions.

2. Excellent Quality : Insulated panels are manufactured in a controlled environment in the presence of experienced technical team of qualified professionals and they always focus on the quality of material, use high grade raw material for manufacture panels. The quality of insulated panels are very good that can be used at construction without any difficulty.

3. Green building material : PUF, EPS, Rockwool, Glasswool all are pollution free and 100 % recyclable product in construction industry. If needed to be dismantled then it can be done easily and all the panels can be used somewhere else in another structure or same structure. So this is the prominent feature of this type of prefabricated insulated construction and attracting feature for customer.

4. Lower maintenance cost : Insulated panel building always require very little maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water simply. These insulated panels are energy efficient product and save energy 30-40 % yearly.

5. Weather friendly product: These panels are weather friendly products, any weather condition does affect on it. Insulated sandwich panels are also fire resistant and suitable for stringent conditions.

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