Why EPS Panel is Cost Effective in Prefab Construction

Today everyone choosing prefab construction for their construction work whether it is a private or Government sector. Builders and developers always suggest for the eco-friendly building material that saves energy in the long term and that is also budget friendly. EPS panel is also cost saving product in prefabricated structures for the long term and cost effective. EPS panel is light wight product and fully insulated which protect from the outside temperature. Traditional construction does not provide this type of features and even don’t energy saving, if try to add this type of features then it will be very costly.

EPS Panel

EPS panels are used for both wall and roof in prefabricated structures. EPS panel manufacturers manufacture EPS panel in a controlled environment in the presence of experienced technical team of qualified professionals and then deliver to customers pan India. EPS panels save energy 40-50% yearly which gives the direct benefit to customers. These panels are available in different thicknesses and sizes, that can be manufactured as per customers requirements. EPS panels are cost effective in prefabricated buildings and the reasons are as:

Cost & Time Saving: Once the EPS panels are ready for the construction site then can easily installed at site because there is no need for any material preparation on construction site. So due to the fast construction in prefabricated structures, it is time saving and as well as cost saving because to install the complete structure does not required more labor for it. Time and money both are the important things in everyone’s busy life. Traditional construction is a time taking process and even costly.

Design Flexibility: Insulated EPS panels are ideal for interior as well as exterior use because of various thicknesses and finishes. If need to expand the design of the structure in future then it allow this type of flexibility to client which is not possible in traditional construction.

Green construction : Prefab Construction is green construction and the use of EPS panels in this construction is 100 % reusable product. This type construction is pollution free construction and speed of construction also contributes to minimize impact on the environment.

Superior Insulation :Insulated panel in building need less energy to heat or cool living spaces and this benefits the environment while saving energy costs. These panels are also tested for fire resistance for the steel structure.

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