Prefabricated Structure – A Preferred Choice for Labour Quarter

Prefabricated construction growing at very fast rate in the construction world today. The numerous advantages of prefab structure attracting people for their construction in high rise, medium rise and low rise structure. Even the labour quarters in India are mostly prefabricated now because of the popularity prefabricated structure. Labour quarters are mainly used for labour accommodation at construction site. Labour quarters are frequently used in major projects whether it be a private or government project.

Prefabricated construction provide flexibility in design, labour accommodation can be expand further according to the requirement. If due to some reason need more labour accommodation then easily can manufactured labour accommodation by expanding its structure. This will not take much time to complete it because of fast manufacturing construction of prefabricated structure. Prefabricated labour quarters are cost effective choice and even required less time to complete the any structure. If need to dismantle the labour accommodation then prefabricated structure is easy to dismantle and can install that material somewhere else at another construction site.

Prefabricated Structures

Actually Prefabricated structure is not only the preferred choice for labour quarter but the right choice for clean room, industrial shed, multi storey structure, cold storage, banana ripening chamber, industrial warehouse, workshop, security cabin and many more. Everyone is liking prefabricated structures because of various attracting features of prefabricated construction in India. So we can say that prefabricated structure is best choice for every type of construction.

Why Prefabricated Construction is Better than RCC Construction?

Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated construction and Reinforced Cement Concrete(RCC) construction are the ways of construction and both used in various sectors in the world. RCC buildings are mainly made up of cemented beams, slabs, walls, columns and roof. To construct any rcc structure lot of workers and time required because it is a process that take more time to complete all structure of it. Prefabricated building are mainly made up of all steel products that are already prefabricated. These all steel products are manufactured by PEB Company in controlled environment in the presence of technical expert team. These prefabricated steel products are installed at site with help of nuts and bolts. For the installation not much labour required as compared to rcc building. Labour quarter, cold room, porta cabin, preab home, multi storey structure, warehouse, cold storage are few example of prefabricated construction. The reason why prefabricated construction is better than rcc
construction are following :

Time Saving :

In today’s time everyone is busy because of heavy working schedule in professional as well as personal life. So time saving is main thing in everyone’s life. And if we talk from the construction point of view then prefabricated construction is time saving compared to rcc construction. Any prefabricated structure can be completed within weeks or few days but rcc construction is a process that can take months or few months to complete it.

Cost Saving :

RCC structures require lot of money to complete it, but in prefabricated structure, due to quick installation requires less money.

Design Flexibility:

Due to design flexibility in prefab construction, structures can be expanded according to requirement but in rcc structures can’t expand.


Due to long process in rcc construction lot of manpower is required. But in prefabricated construction less manpower is required because of fast construction.


Another attractive feature in prefabricated construction is reusability. When we dismantle the RCC structure then the materials can rarely be reused but in prefabricated structure materials are mostly reusable.