Why PUF Panels Are Ideal For Storage Buildings?

Indian construction industry growing regularly because of the prefabricated structures construction. Prefabricated structures provide various attractive features to customers that’s why everyone prefers pre engineered building construction. PUF panel is the product that is used very frequently in prefabricated structure for various purposes like for better thermal, acoustic and other insulation purposes. In industries many companies invest heavily on equipment, machinery, electronic control systems, communication equipment and many more. Maintenance norms and storage is always an important consideration for this type of equipment in industry.

PUF Panel

PUF panel provide complete solution for this type of equipment storage and even provide the controlled environment to protect from the outside temperature. PUF panels are energy saving for numerous industries and save up to 40-50 % yearly for economic benefits. These PUF panels are used in industries for storage buildings like :

Storage of farm machinery
Storage of fruits & vegetables in agricultural industry
Equipment sheds in agricultural industry
Clean rooms
Electronic industry with sensitive equipment
Motor control systems

Puf insulated panels are easy to install and low maintenance requirements for any type of storage buildings. Polyurethane foam(PUF) insulated panels are 100% environment friendly and resistant to corrosion, termite or any other physical impact. In machinery and equipment industries maintenance costs are high for all heavy machinery and the cost of maintaining the environment is also a burden. Puf panel reduce the cost for maintaining the environment and keep machinery corrosion free, so that machinery can work for long time. PUF panels are cost effective and if need to dismantle the prefabricated storage buildings then all the material are reusable as the result zero material wastage in prefabricated structure.

If we compared to prefabricated structure to traditional construction then prefabricated construction is very less time taking while traditional construction is a time taking process and even costly. PUF panel save the construction cost as well as time in prefabricated structure. So we can say that puf panels are ideal for storage buildings in construction.

Why We Choose PUF Panel For Construction?

Puf Panel

Construction trend has changed these days. Any construction whether it is related building, room or any portable building are consist of walls and roof. In old times, Walls and roof were mainly built with the use of bricks, RCC blocks, angles and other rcc material. But nowadays walls and roof are manufactured using sandwich panels because of numerous advantages like low assembling cost, low heat transfer, high fire resistance, pleasant interior aspect, easy to fix, easy to dismantle, easy transportable etc .  Sandwich panels are used for different purposes in construction industry in India. PUF panel is used for various applications like cold storage, prefab shelter, accommodation shelter, ripening chamber, porta cabin, clean room, control room, freezer room, insulated shed, wall cladding and many more.

These Puf Panels are manufactured by puf panel manufacturers in a controlled environment in the presence of technical experts. Puf Panel are highly energy saving because of low thermal conductivity and save upto 25% energy yearly. The technical specifications are as:

PUF Specifications


  • Total construction cost (materials and labor) is lower than for traditional framing
  • Higher energy saving because of low thermal conductivity
  • Flexibility in design and choosing various options on fascia of panels and colour
  • All weather proof construction and Maintenance free
  • Long lasting value with controlled quality, accuracy & speed of construction
  • Light weight panels which is easy to lift and erect at any height inside the plant or any other place
  • Easy to transport from one place to another and highly Insulated
  • Reduce the effect of noise pollution
  • Free from defects
  • Excellent finish
  • Long lasting
  • Commendable structure
  • Superior strength
  • Precise dimensions
  • Easy assembling