Why Prefabricated Construction is Better than RCC Construction?

Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated construction and Reinforced Cement Concrete(RCC) construction are the ways of construction and both used in various sectors in the world. RCC buildings are mainly made up of cemented beams, slabs, walls, columns and roof. To construct any rcc structure lot of workers and time required because it is a process that take more time to complete all structure of it. Prefabricated building are mainly made up of all steel products that are already prefabricated. These all steel products are manufactured by PEB Company in controlled environment in the presence of technical expert team. These prefabricated steel products are installed at site with help of nuts and bolts. For the installation not much labour required as compared to rcc building. Labour quarter, cold room, porta cabin, preab home, multi storey structure, warehouse, cold storage are few example of prefabricated construction. The reason why prefabricated construction is better than rcc
construction are following :

Time Saving :

In today’s time everyone is busy because of heavy working schedule in professional as well as personal life. So time saving is main thing in everyone’s life. And if we talk from the construction point of view then prefabricated construction is time saving compared to rcc construction. Any prefabricated structure can be completed within weeks or few days but rcc construction is a process that can take months or few months to complete it.

Cost Saving :

RCC structures require lot of money to complete it, but in prefabricated structure, due to quick installation requires less money.

Design Flexibility:

Due to design flexibility in prefab construction, structures can be expanded according to requirement but in rcc structures can’t expand.


Due to long process in rcc construction lot of manpower is required. But in prefabricated construction less manpower is required because of fast construction.


Another attractive feature in prefabricated construction is reusability. When we dismantle the RCC structure then the materials can rarely be reused but in prefabricated structure materials are mostly reusable.

Modular Cold Rooms At Affordable Prices

Cold rooms are always used for various industry for different purposes. In pharmaceutical industry cold room is used to keep safe some important medicine which are very rare to get. Even in various sector like food, chemical, agriculture, vegetable and fruit industry. These cold rooms are manufacture with using sandwich panels and these sandwich panel are manufacture in a controlled environment in the presence of technical expert team. The price of cold room is estimated per square feet and varies according to the client’s requirement. Cold room manufacturers install all the panels according to the designs as per client’s need. But various important cold room factors that should be considered in order to ensure energy efficiency and to avoid frequent maintenance issues.

Cold Room

The design plays an important role in manufacturing cold room because when we know where chiller room is to be used then can be designed according to that circumstances. The thickness of wall insulation what can be right according to situation of the place. Even the design of a chiller room requires ventilation to equalize air pressure, while the installation of alarm devices require operation from outside the cold storage for added security. So basically it is clear that designing play a huge role for perfect cold room manufacturing.

With prefabrication, modular cold rooms can be manufactured. Some of the advantages of prefab cold rooms are as follows:

  • PUF Insulated, Highly Efficient and low on power consumption.
  • Operates between temperature range of -40 deg.c to 2 deg.c-20 deg.c .
  • Requires no additional building to be constructed .
  • Can be manufactured and assembled quickly.
  • Modular construction lasts long with cladding made of pre-painted G.I /Stainless steel sheets / Marine Grade Ply / other specific cladding.

Why We Choose PUF Panel For Construction?

Puf Panel

Construction trend has changed these days. Any construction whether it is related building, room or any portable building are consist of walls and roof. In old times, Walls and roof were mainly built with the use of bricks, RCC blocks, angles and other rcc material. But nowadays walls and roof are manufactured using sandwich panels because of numerous advantages like low assembling cost, low heat transfer, high fire resistance, pleasant interior aspect, easy to fix, easy to dismantle, easy transportable etc .  Sandwich panels are used for different purposes in construction industry in India. PUF panel is used for various applications like cold storage, prefab shelter, accommodation shelter, ripening chamber, porta cabin, clean room, control room, freezer room, insulated shed, wall cladding and many more.

These Puf Panels are manufactured by puf panel manufacturers in a controlled environment in the presence of technical experts. Puf Panel are highly energy saving because of low thermal conductivity and save upto 25% energy yearly. The technical specifications are as:

PUF Specifications


  • Total construction cost (materials and labor) is lower than for traditional framing
  • Higher energy saving because of low thermal conductivity
  • Flexibility in design and choosing various options on fascia of panels and colour
  • All weather proof construction and Maintenance free
  • Long lasting value with controlled quality, accuracy & speed of construction
  • Light weight panels which is easy to lift and erect at any height inside the plant or any other place
  • Easy to transport from one place to another and highly Insulated
  • Reduce the effect of noise pollution
  • Free from defects
  • Excellent finish
  • Long lasting
  • Commendable structure
  • Superior strength
  • Precise dimensions
  • Easy assembling